Where Do Bugs Go In The Winter?

The simple answer is – bug populations usually flourish in spring and summer and plummet in winter. They are often unable to function properly below 40 degrees. Some bugs die off in the winter, such as male mosquitoes. In some honey bee colonies, the worker bees stop pollinating and their job becomes to keep the queen warm and alive until spring. Flies hibernate in larval and pupal stages under manure and other organic matter. Most cockroaches, as resilient as they are, die at low temperatures. They often try to survive in warm homes near vents and heaters. Brown recluse spiders die at just 44 degrees Fahrenheit but black widow spiders can overwinter in a sheltered space. Some bugs will migrate to warmer climates, such as the Monarch butterfly. Some bugs hibernate. For example, ants eat lots of food to prepare for winter and hibernate underground. Amazingly, some bugs can convert the water in their bodies to glycerol which acts as antifreeze to stay alive. However, the type of bugs you might find in your home during the winter depends on where you live. In parts of California, Texas, or Florida, the weather may allow such bugs to survive winter.

It is important to monitor for pest activity all year long. Although some bugs die during winter, many hibernate and resurface in the Spring.

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