What Will Keep Mice And Rats Away?

You can keep mice and rats away from your home or business by making it difficult for them to find food and water or maneuver easily throughout the building.


  • Seal any crevice or crack that is more than 1/4th inch
  • Maintain bushes, grasses, and, trees where rodents may hide or climb on to access the building
  • Clear and declutter any piles of debris or supplies
  • Keep your lawn cut short
  • Place airtight lids on your trash cans


  • Clear and declutter any corners or piles in the home
  • Sanitize all food prep and dining surfaces after snacks and meals
  • Keep the kitchen sink clear of dishes or food particles
  • Store dry pantry foods in hard plastic or metal containers
  • Fix leaky spouts
  • Regularly sweep or vacuum all floor surfaces
  • Replace cardboard storage containers with hard plastic ones

Signs of rodent droppings, noises, footprints, and chewed holes in food bags should be taken seriously. If you have a rodent problem, call Hill Country Pest Control Kerrville today!

rat at back yard

For a thorough and knowledgeable pest control services, call Hill Country Pest Control, Inc.

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