What Does The Fumigation Kill?

In general, tent fumigation kills everything. Although it kills many bugs, it is mainly used to prevent drywood termites from causing structural damage. These termites are hard to treat and detect because they are often burrowed deep into the structure. Because direct applications of baits and repellants isn’t always an option, fumigation is the next best option. In some situations, tent fumigation may be the only option to eliminate drywood termites.
Tent fumigation is sometimes employed between tenants as an all-inclusive method to eliminate pests. Sometimes, tent fumigation is used to eliminate advanced bed bug infestations especially bugs like bed bugs who can survive for months between blood meals and are notoriously difficult to control. But most often, it is specific to drywood termites. On the other hand, tenting might be used for subterranean termites that are nesting above ground. Usually, this is ineffective because subterranean termites prefer to create their colonies underground.
Because tent fumigation is a labor-intensive and tedious process, we recommend it as a last resort. Before tenting there is lots of prep work involved such as removing food, medications, and houseplants and house pets. Also finding several day accommodations outside the home can be burdensome.
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