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Hill Country Pest control was AWESOME! I was dealing with bedbugs, going on a year,
by the time I reached out to Hill Country PC and was in desperate need of help. I
was truly exhausted from trying to deal with bedbugs on my own. I lived in an
apartment and although they called an exterminator out 8 times, it didn’t help.
They had no clue what they were doing, so I started taking it into my own hands. My
parents and I bought all the powders and sprays you could possibly think of…still
did not work.

So, I moved apartments thinking I would be bedbug free. Two days in…they were back
(or still there)!!! I was truly mortified and needed some professional help ASAP. In
a roundabout way I was in contact with someone who recommended I get in touch with
Hill Country Pest Control. My first thinking was what are they going to do for
me…I’m in Dallas? I figured I would call anyway and get some advice and any
recommendations or contacts they may have in Dallas. I was in touch with HCPC on a
Tuesday afternoon and they must have heard my frantic tone over the phone and
offered their services as early as that Friday (3 days later). They were very kind
to answer TONS of my questions and concerns and was very sensitive to how I was
feeling. They told me that they also do some preventative pest control work at some
of the Austin hotels. I work very frequent with the hotels downtown and called to
see if they could give me a recommendation. They came highly

After going through this for so long, it was refreshing to hear that they were
confident they could get rid of my bedbugs and guarantee the work so I WAS SOLD!
They came down three days later and spent almost 10 hours in my small two bedroom
apartment to literally check and treat every inch of my apartment and furniture. Ten
days later, they came back to Dallas for the second treatment and although they
didn’t find any bedbugs, they treated every inch of the apartment and our
furniture all over AGAIN. Its been a little over two months since the treatment and
I have NO bedbug problems. Anybody who’s been dealing with this knows that they
take over your life….I have my life back (and my sanity) thanks to Hill Country
PC. I can’t say enough good things about this company. They were amazing!

Wherever you are….it may be a little more expensive for them to come to you
instead of using a local company but it’s worth every penny!