What Are The Tiny Black Bugs In My Kitchen?

Tiny black bugs could be several different types of bugs. Determining which type of bug is in your kitchen will help you get rid of the best.

# 1 Ant
Ants walk in lines that can easily be traced. They form these trails between food sources and their colonies. These creatures have six legs and segmented bodies that give them the illusion of a ‘waist’. They can be as small as ¼ inch or as large as a ½ inch. Most ants are black, brown, or red.
Fortunately, they pose no health threats and are not destructive. But they can be exceedingly difficult to get rid of. Baiting is the best system to eliminate ants. If you spray ants, you are only able to kill what you see which is likely a small fraction of the colony. However, when the ants take the bait, they bring it back to their entire colony, stopping it at the source.

# 2 Cockroaches
Despite the typical large roaches you might think of at first thought, there are immature roaches as well that can be tiny and black. These tiny black bugs do not have a recognizable head, thorax, or abdomen. They usually are oval-shaped and are anywhere from ½ inch to 3 inches in size. These are more threatening creatures than ants because they carry the diseases Salmonella and E. Coli. Sometimes, roaches can reach high population numbers without being noticed because they move in the darkness and scatter in the light. like It’s important to eliminate roaches in your kitchen as soon as possible before they grow into a full-blown infestation.
Cockroaches like warm, dark spaces to breed, such as under your fridge or sometimes in appliances like microwaves. Licensed technicians have the latest technology and specialty products to deal with a roach infestation. Keeping counter spaces sanitized and clear of food can help reduce the roaches’ attraction to the area. Also, store food and trash in airtight containers. The less access to clutter, food remnants, and trash, the better.

#3 Pantry Pests
Pantry pests are tiny black bugs that can be found in stored food products like cereal, flour, pasta, rice, spices, etc. Beetles and weevils make their way into the home through food boxes and find their way into other pantry items. These bugs prefer to lay their eggs in dark quiet places. Untouched items like baking flour only used on occasion or during the holidays are susceptible to these pests. To prevent this, store your baking ingredients, as well as cereals and other grains in air-tight glass, metal, or hard plastic containers. In addition, check the expiration dates of food and occasionally wipe down the corners and backs of cupboards.

#4 Fruit Flies
These flying little bugs are flies that buzz around and multiply quickly. As the name suggests, food left on countertops like fruit can attract them to your kitchen. Although gross, a fruit fly problem can be easily resolved through a solution of vinegar and water. This safe solution is effective and affordable.
Sometimes tiny back bugs can easily be resolved through DIY methods like fruit flies. In other cases, a pest control expert might be necessary. Hill Country Pest Control Kerrville is a family-owned company. We have been eliminating pests in our community for 83 years. If you can’t identify the type of black bug in your pantry, call Hill Country Pest Control Kerrville for a free consultation.

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