TAP Insulation: TAP Out the Pests, TAP Into the Benefits

Thermal Acoustical Pest Control Insulation, better known as TAP, combines borate pesticide and all-natural energy-efficient cellulose insulation. TAP insulation's three main benefits are thermal, acoustic, and controlling common pests that infiltrate homes through the attic. As an EPA-labeled pesticide, TAP must be installed by a licensed Pest Management Professional (PMP) under most state regulations. Being a licensed PMP and certified TAP provider, Hill Country Pest Control Kerrville can provide this innovative method of attic pest control on top of the existing insulation.

Heat Up Thermal Insulation

As an insulator, the interconnected cellulose fibers make TAP insulation dense enough to prevent airflow while remaining light enough to trap heat. TAP is the best insulation for attics with its superior R-value. An R-value or Resistance-value measures how much the insulation slows heat flow, and higher values mean better performance.

Unlike other high performing insulations, TAP doesn't just slow the flow of heat but also restricts airflow. This is beneficial during the winter when airflow is strongest and having good insulation is paramount.

Insulation material
insulation material installing in a house

Block Out Noise With Acoustic Insulation

Much like how TAP insulation provides thermal benefits, those same factors contribute to the acoustic services as sound travels easier through solid materials. Since the interlocking of paper fibers creates small air pockets, the sound has a much harder time traveling through the threads.

Protect Your Attic From Pests

While TAP insulation has thermal and acoustic benefits, its primary purpose is providing an attic pesticide solution. During the manufacturing process, borate materials are applied to the paper fibers that make up the insulation. The even distribution of borates on the insulation guarantees that any insect trying to crawl through the material will contact the borate particles.

Once insects come into contact with the borate particles, they will eventually ingest them, after which they will slowly start dying off. While lethal to pests, borate is a low toxicity material that is safe for humans and pets. If you'd like to have TAP Pest Control Insulation installed into your home, contact Hill Country Pest Control.

For a thorough and knowledgeable tap insulation, call Hill Country Pest Control, Inc.

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