Cryonite Bed Bug Treatments |Hill Country Pest Control

Cryonite is a new pest control technology with great potential. It has been used extensively in Europe, Australia and the United States with proven results.

-Cryonite is unique because it’s not only effective in killing pests, it’s environmentally-safe, 100% organic and hygienic.

-Free of pesticides, chemicals and toxics.

-Safe for use anywhere, anytime.

-Approved for use on surfaces in contact with food (e.g. bakeries, kitchens)
-There’s no need to stop your production line, any critical problems can be dealt with swiftly
-No residue, tenants and guests can return to their suites immediately after treatment
Free of residues

-Can be used in sensitive environments

-Safe for use it in electrical switch boxes and sockets (an often overlooked bed bug hiding spot)

-Chemical- Free

-No resistance build-up as with pesticides – will remain effective i.e. Cryonite kills bugs resistant to pesticides
Least disruption of business

-Evacuation of the treated area is not necessary therefore at a production site in the food industry, pest control can be carried out despite ongoing production at adjacent production lines
Apartment tenants can return to their homes immediately after a Cryonite treatment

-Hotel guests can return to their rooms immediately after treatment
*For bed-bug treatments, two of the above points apply: kill bugs resistant to pesticides, and room can be inhabited by guests and tenants immediately after treatment