Bed Bug Thermal Heat Remediation | Hill Country Pest Control

Hill Country Pest Control Inc. is the first pest control company in Texas to offer thermal remediation for the control of bed bugs. This eco-friendly approach can eliminate the problem in as little as one treatment without using residual pesticides.  Call and ask one of our representatives about the benefits of bed bug thermal remediation.

How it Works.

This eco-friendly approach has been proven to be 97% effective in the control of bed bugs. Bed bugs have a threshold to heat above 113  degrees fehrenheit. What we can do, in as little as one treatment, is elevate the temperatures of the effected structure to  130 degrees fehrenheit for three hours, which will kill all stages of bed bugs.  No residual pesticides, no extended treatments that can last up to a month, little preperation, and results that you can count on.

Visit our bed bug K-9 inspection page to see how we can combine bed bug heat remediation with k-9 bed bug scent detection. The most affective way to verify the infestation has been eliminated.