Bat Control


 Bat conservation is important and we provide methods to successfully remove bats which compliments their conservation, as some bat species are endangered. The goal of bat exclusion is to exclude without harming.

Bats, while they are a nuisance, are critical to the environment. They eliminate disease carrying mosquitoes and other insects, however they may be carriers of rabies and other diseases. They also harbor fleas, mites, and ticks.

We do not use any types of traps for bats, as they can die from stress while in traps and the relocation efforts are unsuccessful. Bats can return from up to 150 miles away, so moving bats may not solve your problem. You must utilize the best system of exclusion and bat proofing.

In bat exclusions, we must seal all possible crevices on all sides of buildings, while leaving an escape hatch for the bats to leave. This is done in a manner where the bats can leave, but they cannot re-enter the structure.