Providing Both Tree and Lawn Care For The Texas Hill Country

Hill Country Pest Control of Kerrville offers comprehensive services for both trees and lawns. Our specialized tree division delivers a range of treatments and preventative measures to safeguard your trees from pests and diseases. In addition, we provide various treatment options to meet the specific needs of your lawn, whether you’re looking for ongoing maintenance or a one-time service.

Professional Tree Service

Our tree division at Hill Country Pest Control employs treatment and prevention techniques to guard against insects, oak wilt, ball moss, and fungal diseases, ensuring your trees remain healthy and vibrant.

Evict Borer Insects From Your Trees

While many insects in the Texas Hill Country play a beneficial role in our ecosystem, borer insects such as termites, carpenter ants, and bees can pose a significant threat to your trees. These pests often inhabit the trunk, bark, and branches of trees without leaving visible external damage. Our skilled exterminators are adept at diagnosing the problems these pests cause and devising effective treatment plans to eliminate termites, carpenter ants, and bees from your trees, preserving their health and beauty.

Treating Trees for Fungus and Parasites

Insects are not the only threat to your trees; other elements like ball moss and oak wilt also pose significant risks. Oak wilt, caused by the fungus Bretziella fagacearum, is a deadly disease that interrupts the water transport system in oak trees, leading to their demise. Although there’s no cure for oak wilt, Hill Country Pest Control has developed effective strategies for managing its symptoms, which include canopy loss, wilting leaves, and the appearance of fungal mats. Our tree care specialists employ injections of micronutrients and fungicides to fortify the trees against diseases and alleviate symptoms of oak wilt.
Ball moss, on the other hand, is not a fungal disease but a plant that thrives in the lower sunlight and higher humidity found in the inner canopies of trees. It wraps its tendrils around branches, impairing circulation and leading to rapid spread if not addressed. Untreated, ball moss can significantly harm trees. Our skilled technicians eradicate existing ball moss and prevent future outbreaks by removing seeds and spores from your trees.

Lawn Care Services From Hill Country Pest Control

The diverse climate of Kerrville and its environs nurtures a variety of grass types but also facilitates several lawn diseases, such as brown patch and dollar spot—both are fungal afflictions that damage grass. Hill Country Pest Control’s annual fungus control program is designed to shield your lawn from these and other fungal diseases, ensuring a healthy, vibrant yard.

Whether you’re in need of ongoing maintenance or a single treatment, Hill Country Pest Control is equipped to prepare your lawn for any event, from family gatherings to parties, ensuring your outdoor spaces are beautiful and welcoming.

Technicians compress chemicals into soil to break termites

For a thorough and knowledgeable tree or lawn inspection, call Hill Country Pest Control!

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