For property owners with wooden structures, the threat of termite damage is a constant concern. The potential for destruction by these wood-destroying insects is immense. Termites typically swarm in February, and during this period, it’s possible to observe winged reproductive termites both inside and outside of buildings. When these swarms find an appropriate location, they settle, lose their wings, and begin mating to establish a new colony.

Noticing Signs of an Infestation

Termites are attracted to light and often found near windows or doors. Another indicator of a termite presence is the sight of mud tubes on the foundation walls, which termites use for protection as they travel. Signs of wood damage following the wood grain, or tiny soil deposits around plaster and drywall, can also signal an infestation.
Although some signs of termite activity may be apparent inside a building, external indicators might not be as obvious. Termites can remain hidden for years, quietly consuming wood from beneath floorboards and behind walls. Our team is here to help identify both obvious and subtle signs of termite activity and infestations, ensuring your Hill Country property is protected from these hidden dangers.

New Building Termite Protection Plan

Understanding the inconvenience and damage infestations can cause, we prioritize preventive measures, especially for new constructions. Hill Country Pest Control offers comprehensive pre-treatment termite plans designed to safeguard your new building right from the start. These plans target the base and critical support structures, focusing on areas that will become less accessible once construction is completed.

Implementing pre-treatment early and maintaining it throughout the construction phase significantly reduces the risk of termite infestations. This includes essential steps like removing construction debris and preventing moisture penetration, which are vital in deterring termites from nesting within your property.

Exterminate the Termite Problems

Should your home or building encounter a termite infestation, our skilled extermination team is ready to develop and execute a tailored termite treatment strategy. We primarily employ two effective methods: liquid termiticides and termite bait stations.

Liquid Termiticides

This approach involves applying a chemical barrier in the soil around your property, creating a protective shield that blocks termites from accessing your building and prevents those inside from returning to the soil. This professionally applied method offers a minimum of five years of protection against termites.

Termite Bait Stations

These stations combine enticing food sources, such as paper or cardboard, with slow-acting chemicals fatal to termites. Installed around the building, termites are drawn to the bait and transport it back to their colony, leading to the gradual elimination of the infestation.

For expert assistance with termite pest control in Kerrville and the Hill Country, contact the professionals at Hill Country Pest Control!

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