Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite in Texas

If you find yourself waking up with bites that resemble those from mosquitoes or fleas, it’s likely that you’re hosting some unwelcome visitors in your home. These bites might indicate a bed bug infestation, notorious for their nighttime feeding habits while you’re asleep. Bed bugs, small wingless insects, can appear white, light tan, dark brown, or burnt orange, and they often hide in dark, secluded spots.

In Kerrville and the wider Hill Country of Texas, bed bugs tend to nest in places where people sleep, such as beds, bed frames, mattresses, and box springs. A cluttered room can offer these pests additional places to hide, making organization and cleanliness crucial for preventing an infestation. Pet owners might also find bed bugs in pet bedding, posing a risk to both humans and animals through itchy, red skin and potential allergic reactions. Moreover, bed bugs are capable of spreading diseases.

These pests commonly enter homes via luggage, furniture, pillows, clothing, and boxes. When buying used furniture in Kerrville or anywhere in the Hill Country, it’s important to thoroughly inspect items to avoid inadvertently introducing bed bugs into your home.
For residents facing these issues, Hill Country Pest Control provides expert solutions to detect and eliminate bed bug infestations, ensuring your home remains a comfortable and pest-free environment.


If you’re worried about a bed bug infestation in your Kerrville home, Hill Country Pest Control offers a cutting-edge, non-invasive detection method: K9 bed bug detection services. Just as dogs are trained to sniff out explosives and drugs, our innovative bed bug detection method boasts a 97% accuracy rate. We’re proud to be one of the first in Texas to adopt this organic pest control technique.

Sniffing Out The Bed Bugs

Detecting bed bugs can be challenging for humans, but for our dogs, a few sniffs are all it takes. Thanks to their exceptional olfactory abilities, our dogs can identify bed bugs more quickly and accurately than any human. These expertly trained canines can thoroughly inspect a room in merely three minutes.

Expertly Trained Canines

Our bed bug detection dogs have undergone over 1,000 hours of rigorous training at the Florida Canine Academy under the guidance of Master Trainer Bill Whitestine. They’re trained to detect not only adult bed bugs but also their eggs. Upon discovering an infestation, our trained technicians step in for extermination. Post-treatment, our dogs conduct a final sweep to ensure complete eradication.

Thermal Heat Remediation

Hill Country Pest Control is also at the forefront in Texas for employing thermal heat remediation to combat bed bugs. This environmentally friendly method is effective and efficient, requiring a single treatment without the use of pesticides. By heating the infested area to 130 degrees Fahrenheit for three hours—well above bed bugs’ lethal temperature threshold of 113 degrees Fahrenheit—we achieve a 97% effectiveness rate, killing bed bugs at all life stages.

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For a chemical-free solution to bed bug extermination, reach out to Hill Country Pest Control for a K-9 inspection followed by thermal remediation treatment.

For a thorough and knowledgeable bed bug inspection, call Hill Country Pest Control!

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