If you’re encountering signs of structural damage, gnaw marks on wires or cables, unsettling sounds, or sightings of animal droppings or nests, it’s likely you’re facing a pest infestation issue in your Hill Country, Texas, home. Common culprits include rats, mice, bats, and birds, which frequently find their way into residences.

a mouse

Rodent Infestation, Prevention, and Treatment In Kerrville Texas

Rodents are among the most damaging pests in the Hill Country, wreaking havoc on property by chewing through wires, doors, floors, furniture, and beyond. Their tendency to gnaw on wires and pipes in your home can lead to serious issues such as flooding and fires. Furthermore, they pose a risk to food safety by consuming and contaminating your food supply, while also spreading dangerous diseases such as Typhus Fever, Trichinosis, Salmonella, among others.

What Are Signs of a Rodent Problem?

Fecal Droppings
Gnawing Evidence
Running and/or Squeaking Sounds in the ceiling and/or walls

What is the Treatment for a Rodent Infestation?

To prevent additional infestations, it’s crucial to seal up any entryways into your home, maintain cleanliness, and use preventive repellents. Nonetheless, for rapid and efficient rodent control and elimination, the professionals at Hill Country Pest Control offer the best solution.

Wild Animal Removal Services

Dealing with wildlife such as raccoons, opossums, and squirrels can lead to significant issues like extensive property damage and disease transmission. Similar to rodents, these animals are carriers of various diseases that can affect both humans and pets.

three raccoons eating trash

How Do You Treat a Wild Animal Infestation

Controlling nocturnally active animals can be challenging. Adopting preventive actions, such as securing trash bins and sealing any gaps in your dwelling, can deter these animals. For existing infestations, our humane trapping and removal services are available. Hill Country Pest Control Kerrville also offers services for the removal of deceased animals, cleanup and disposal of animal waste, and measures to block future entry into your home.

How Do You Spot a Wild Animal Infestation

Sounds of Squeaking/Scratching in Walls or Ceilings
Rustling Sounds Beneath Your Home or Deck
Odd Noises During Nighttime or Dusk
Overturned Garbage Cans/ Trash Scattered Around
Signs of Gnawing
bat on shutters

Bat Management in the Texas Hill Country

Despite their reputation, bats are crucial for the ecosystem, helping control populations of disease-bearing insects. However, bats are carriers of rabies and other diseases, which is where Hill Country Pest Control’s bat removal services come in.

What Are the Signs of a Bat Infestation

Bat Droppings
Urine Stains
Oily Stains

What is Bat Exclusion

Our specialists will conduct a detailed inspection to locate bat roosts. We then apply effective exclusion techniques to eliminate them from the premises.

Managing Bird Infestation

Birds, often underestimated as pests, can spread diseases and inflict extensive damage on buildings, leading to increased maintenance costs or decreased property value.

bird in nest under porch

How Do You Control and Prevent a Bird Infestation

Hill Country Pest Control employs humane solutions such as bird spikes, netting, wire, and electric tracks to safeguard buildings against birds.

What Does a Bird Infestation Sound Like Around Your Home

Bird Sounds
Bird Nests
Damage from Pecking or Fouling
Bird Droppings
Nest or Feather Debris

For a thorough and knowledgeable pest control services, call Hill Country Pest Control!

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