How Often Should My Home Be Serviced To Prevent Bugs?

In the past, many companies recommended monthly services. With modern technology, research, and new products, visits aren’t needed as frequently. In most cases, treatment will be required every quarter but this depends on several factors. Each plan will be customized to the unique needs of your property.

At Hill Country Pest Control Kerrville we find the root cause of each pest and create pest control plans that control pest populations for years to come. For example, if pests have infested your lawn, we’ll also take a look at your watering and mowing habits. Sometimes, suboptimal habits can weaken lawns and make them more susceptible to recurrent disease and infestation. Likewise, in addition to removing rodents, we will also locate and seal entry points to prevent them from reentering the home. This method of treatment and prevention gives our customers the best results we can offer.

Exterminator in work spraying pesticide with sprayer

For a thorough and knowledgeable bed bug inspection, call Hill Country Pest Control, Inc.

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