How Long Does It Take For Drywood Termites To Cause Damage?

Drywood termites might go unnoticed for long periods of time because they live in the wood they infest and burrow deep into it. Unlike subterranean termites who create large underground colonies, the drywood termite creates small colonies within the wood’s interior.
It’s hard to tell for certain how long it takes drywood termites to cause damage. There are more aggressive types of termites such as the non-native Formosan and Asian subterranean termites that can tear through buildings in a matter of months. But drywood termite damage often takes several years to manifest into a structural problem. However, they are often quiet and hard to spot so it isn’t unlikely that years could pass before they are detected. While drywood termites may take longer to cause damage, infestations left unchecked cause hundreds of million dollars worth of damage annually in the United States.
Most professional pest control companies offer annual termite prevention and check-up appointments to protect property owners. Hill Country Pest Control Kerrville recommends annual home inspections because termite damage is often not covered by home insurance.
After a thorough inspection, we can make recommendations for how to best address the termites found or set up a prevention plan to keep your home termite free.


Tackle Kerrville termite pest control problems with the expert help of Hill Country Pest Control.

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