How Do You Get Rid Of Roof Rats?

Roof rats are a common rodent in Hill Country. They might be a smaller variety of rats but they are just as dangerous. They can carry diseases and chew through important electrical, cable, wifi, or appliance wires that can cause costly and significant damage. Roof rats get their name from the fact that they like to hang out in high places like attics. They often climb to gain access to homes and businesses via vines, branches, pipes, rafters, and ledges. These pests can enter through torn screening on roof and soffit vents or through plumbing, air conditioning, or other pipes. The most efficient way to get rid of roof rats is to contact a professional pest control company.
Before calling the professionals, you may want to try it out for yourself. Roof rats enter into homes so seamlessly because they can fit in holes that are as small as 1/3rd of an inch. The single most effective method to prevent roof rats is to seal all potential entry points. Once you have sealed all possible entry points, you will need to place baited traps around the property to kill any remaining indoor rats. This is no easy task as rats can prove to be skeptical of anything new in their environment.
Just know that when you seal entry points and take away food supplies, you are not only keeping future rodents away, but sealing the remaining ones inside. When roof rats start to die in your attic and walls, you will then have to find and remove them. The smell of their decaying bodies can be intolerable.
If you’re on the fence about professional services, there are several reasons to go with professional care. First, trained professionals have the insight and skill to eliminate pests on the first try. Pest control companies also have access to effective baits that aren’t available commercially. Additionally, pest control services can do the dirty work (literally). They can not only set the traps but remove their bodies so you don’t have to deal with the smell.
Safety is the last and most persuasive factor. After roof rats are exterminated, specific cleaning methods must be used to disinfect the areas. Without clean-up, airborne illnesses that cause severe respiratory conditions like Hantavirus can occur as well as other human pathogens.
It’s better to let the professionals tackle rodent issues, such as roof rats. For more information, contact Hill Country Pest Control Kerrville.

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