How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Rodents?

Professional exterminators use a dual method plan. Not only will they get rid of rodents, but they also prevent rodent infestations by locating entryways, such as holes and cracks in your foundation, screens, vents, windows, doors, and pipes. Then, they seal these areas to prevent rodents from entering your home or business.

To eliminate the existing rodents there are several methods. The snap trap is among the most popular and useful. Pest control companies bait the rodents by using the food rodents have been eating in your homes such as peanut butter, dog food, or fruit. Through a thorough inspection, they determine the safest and most effective places to set the traps.

Roof rats are one of the most common rodents to infest homes and other structures. They get their names from the high grounds of attics or roofs that they usually claim. Pest professionals pay special attention to attics when inspecting a home for this reason.

Another common rodent is the Norway rat. They are found mostly near waterways and sewers or nesting in ground burrows outside. Unlike roof rats who prefer to nest directly in your home, these rats often have nesting habits outside of your home but nearby. Installing baited traps around the perimeter of the building is an effective method.

Hill Country Pest Control Kerrville, is here to help if you are seeing evidence of rodents in or around your property. Rodents can populate quickly and carry diseases that can make your loved ones sick. Do not allow these pests to roam freely in your home. If you’re worried about clean-up, don’t fret. We will visit your home or business after rodent reduction treatments to remove dead rodents until rodent activity ceases.

rat at back yard

For a thorough and knowledgeable pest control services, call Hill Country Pest Control, Inc.

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