How Can You Know If You Have Termites?

In many cases, it is hard to tell if you have termites. Even if you can determine that termites are in your home, it is hard to tell the extent of the termite damage without professional tools. This is because termites burrow deep into the wood and a majority of the wood in your home can’t be seen from the outside. Drywood termites live inside the wood that they eat. Their droppings are tiny and look like sand or sawdust. Seeing this sprinkled along corners or window sills is often a sign that termites are in the building. For subterranean termites, spotting mud tubes running along the walls or nearby trees indicates an infestation. But truly, the extent of termites can’t be determined without a thorough investigation using tools to measure things like moisture and movement in the wood.
For your peace of mind, we recommend hiring a professional to do a free consultation at your home. Once we establish that termites have not caused structural damage, we recommend purchasing a prevention package. Therefore a professional can routinely place bait around and inspect your property.


Tackle Kerrville termite pest control problems with the expert help of Hill Country Pest Control.

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