How Are Drywood Termites Treated?

For Drywood termites, there are no-tent and tenting solutions available. When a professional pest control service member does an inspection, they will be able to tell you which options are available as every home is different. Factors such as the extent of the infestation and if the termites are in hard-to-reach areas will make a difference in which option is best.
Termites are tricky to spot because they mostly live or feed within walls and are hard to spot. Luckily, professionals can find termites in walls using a variety of methods such as trusted traditional ones and modern technology. The Termatrac for example is the latest termite detection technology to scan for drywood termite activity. Other scanners can scan for moisture or movement in the walls to track where the infestations are and the likely damage they are causing. With this knowledge, our inspection team can make appropriate recommendations.
If possible, a team member will likely recommend a no-tent solution because it isn’t as invasive and labor-intensive for the home or building owner. With our no tent solutions, termite-infested wood is directly injected with solutions. The no-tent solution requires a thorough assessment of the home where all parts of the home are checked for activity. Then, as the termite colonies are located, they are spot-treated until all of them are gone. This can sometimes take a few visits to see to completion.
However, in the case of multiple drywood termite colonies selected throughout the home and/or termite activity that is inaccessible for direct treatment applications, tent fumigation may be required to eliminate drywood termite infestations. Tent fumigation is considered the best way to eliminate complex drywood infestations and requires extensive preparation before tent fumigation can begin. For the days the building is being tented, all residents must find accommodation outside the home. Additionally, all medicine and food need to be packaged and taken from the home. Once tenting is complete, it is necessary to wipe down and sanitize the surfaces used for eating and food storage.
If you suspect you have a drywood termite infestation, book a consultation with Hill Country Pest Control Kerrville as soon as possible. When dealing with termites, time is of the essence.


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