Are Termites Helpful Or Harmful?

While termites can wreak havoc on buildings, termites in a natural environment are helpful because they do the important work of breaking down dead trees to make way for new life and supplying nutrients that replenish the soil. Without these important decomposers, forest floors would be covered in decaying trees and wouldn’t be able to grow new life. In some areas, forest fires would be more common because more wood would increase the risk. Not only are termites an important food source to some animals but they also help create a clean and lively environment for other animals to thrive. In parts of Africa and Australia, termites create huge mounds that can be used by other animals as shelter.

Termites are helpful in the wild but they have no place in a home. Homes are built to last for generations and termites are wired to decompose wood. The two simply can’t exist in harmony. Termites can be dangerous because they cause not only cosmetic damage but also structural damage.
In many cases, homeowners are not aware of the damage until the infestation is extreme. To avoid this, we recommend going with a professional pest control service such as Hill Country Pest Control Kerrville.


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